About us

Founder’s Story & Mission

As far back as my great-grandmother in the 30’s our family’s passion has been nutrition and holistic health. My brother and I like to joke we were essentially “brainwashed” (luckily!) into a passion for health & fitness from previous generations, and growing up with a mother who ran long before it was popular and a dad who looks like he could play in the NFL. Both of them give us a run for our money today!

Thankfully my parents also pushed us to think outside the box and pursue our interests. I always enjoyed doing things my own way and putting something new into the world, and from starting little businesses in high school & college I realized one really important thing- businesses shouldn’t just make money but make the world a bit better too.

My passion for health continued to grow during my years after college and one day a talk with my mom planted a seed. We recognized how complex and chaotic the world of health, fitness & nutrition truly is and noticed a strong need for simplicity-

Today 80% of Americans fail to eat a balanced diet according to the USDA, but not due to a lack of desire! Those who do realize it’s inconvenient, time consuming and generally isn’t too much fun. We NEED a simple and delicious way to sneak balanced nutrition in our diets, and hopefully everyone else’s too.

But how? After tons of failures in the kitchen my luck turned when one of our co-founders Kristiaan, a professional chef and all-around incredible guy, joined my mission and together we found the perfect solution.

Nut butters! A simple, nutritious food which families love to eat, but no one on the market had ALL the basic building blocks a body needs - proteins, fruits, veggies and wholesome fats.

So we created All For - A line of delicious nut butters where one serving packs 8g of protein, ½ serving of fruits, ½ serving of veggies and a rich source of wholesome fats with natural everyday ingredients and super low sugar count. All with our unique twists to traditional flavors the whole family can love. In fact, my family loved it so much my brother Nick joined the company! So easy to love that balanced eating can now be simplified for everyone’s family.

Our mission, make balanced eating SIMPLE. This is what we’re “All For”. Thank you for giving this a read. We’d love for you to join us!

- Joe Laconi Co-Founder